Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Reunion

Went to a family reunion on Saturday down in Indy...It was fun to meet A LOT of Kelsey's relatives...we had a corn hole tourney...lost in the final to Kels' Uncle Paul and cousin Jerry...MAN! Ed and I almost got beat in the semi's by Kels' dad and Uncle Terry...we were losing 15-7 and came back to win 22-16! Games like that are good for the heart...gets the blood flowing!! I don't think we EVER would have heard the end of it had we lost that one...It was fun to watch the kids too...Aunt Janet has an OLD cabin on her property...really cool...Chloe played in there for HOURS!! Jaden and Luke NEVER STOP...constantly riding bikes...playing ball...100 mph all the time! I love watching my kids play! I'm also proud of the way they talk to adults...even Luke at 4 talks really well with adults (most of the time!!) to see! Fun times!

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