Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The weekend was a WHIRLWIND! Between church stuff and getting ready for school it was JUST CRAZY! I took Monday as my off day...and got some stuff ready for school too...Sunday morning was great...I was teaching up in Kidzone...I really love investing in the kid's lives. I believe that they are the church of TODAY...many people talk about kids being the church of tomorrow...they talk about a child's future...the church's future...but the deal is...we NEVER know the day or the hour our Lord will call us to himself...so some of the kids may not be here tomorrow...SO MAKE THE MOST OF TODAY! We are talking about PEACE this month...great stuff...our curriculum (252 basics) is OUTSTANDING! LOVE IT!

Sunday after church we wrapped up our packages for our Teacher Blitz...we gave teachers at our closest elementary school a gift...Kleenex-hand sanitizer-AND CANDY! Simple but good! They were delivered today!! My only BUMMER is that I had to go to my school, so I couldn't help deliver them!! VERY FUN to encourage teachers! Nancy made an AMAZINGLY COOL card thanking all of the teachers for their service to our kids...SHE IS REALLY GOOD!

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