Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Word of the Week: Courage!

Asked my students what courage was...some really good discussion! We decided that if fear is absent then you don't need courage. Why be courageous if you aren't worried or just isn't needed. So in order to have courage, we have to be confronting a struggle, fear or worry of some kind...

When I think of courage with my mind runs to their homes...I don't know all of their stories. I don't know what life is like at home...but some of the stories I's heart-breaking...students dealing with sick parents...another with a parent that has passed away...some not living with mom and dad anymore...others watching mom and dad going through a divorce...One student came up to me and told me how her young cousin passed away in a car accident.

These kids have courage to simply SHOW UP and give their best at school. I'm so proud of them...for working hard...for working to overcome some of their life circumstances. It is a privilege to teach these kids.

Then I think about the teachers and staff...thinking of things that are happening in their personal lives yet...they show up every day and pour their lives into these students...all while more expectations are heaped on them...and frankly the much of the blame for student's low scores. It is a privilege to serve with a group of people that want to make a difference in these kid's lives.

Then there are our administrators...both have walked through some illnesses over the years, yet they still have smiles on their faces as they work with us, the kids and their parents. They have courage each day as they face the struggles of doing what is best for our school...I don't envy the principals, and I'm soooo glad that they have not lost hope in these kids!

COURAGE...facing TOUGH STUFF and being willing to walk through it.

What is your struggle...your fear right now? What is the wall that you can't see over? The thing that makes your stomach turn? Will you be willing to face that struggle? Will you be willing to walk through that fear? It may not feel good...but as you face it and walk through it...YOU are living with courage!! So take the next step...(Hey...have you ever written something and thought that just maybe you were writing a note to yourself?? Hmmmmm....)

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