Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family-Swimming-Ohio-Swim Party

Vacation was good...good to be home with the family! The kids had their conference swim meet last week and had some personal best times! Very cool to see them out there...I was never a swimmer so it is really cool to see how much they enjoy it!

We went to Ohio to see my family over the weekend...it was good to hang out with Paul and Jill and their kids Trent, Troy and Jenna...I CANNOT BELIEVE what a MAN Trent is becoming!! MAN!! And Troy is not far behind!! CRAZY! OF COURSE Jenna is their little princess...gotta love having 2 older brothers to protect you! GREAT TIMES on the Portage Lakes on the Pontoon boat...4 hours...BEAUTIFUL! Relaxing (Well most of the time...except when Luke was dancing on the boat while it was rocking!! CRAZY KID!!) Really fun seeing mom and dad...Aunt Judy...Uncle Larry, Aunt Lora, Mary Beth...Jeff-Lisa and the kids...good times...VERY SHORT, but good!

Sooooooo...we are at the swim team party Sunday night and they are giving fun awards out. Chloe gets the "most intense." (Wonder where she gets that from!) She is ALWAYS focused and CHEERING her teammates on LIKE CRAZY! The coaches told a story about Jaden at one of the meets...he walked by coach Danny and said: "I think I'll win this race today." All matter-of-fact...and then he won it! (Wonder where he gets THAT?!) Funny story...we are working on the whole boasting thing!

Good times this week...

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