Thursday, July 1, 2010


-Took my day off today...
-GREAT time today at the Warren Dunes with the family and Ed, Carmel and the kids. (Kels' brother!)
-Water was Cold...but really fun
-Swam and played football in the water
-BURIED Jaden and Luke in the sand!
-Went up Mount Baldy (A HUGE Sand Dune!) 2x's! You got it...2x's! Guess my heart is doing pretty well!
-I'm EXTREMELY sunburned!
-AMAZING VIEW on top of the Sand Dune...
-We could see Chicago!! (Which is on the other side of the's high!)
-RUNNING down the dune is a VERY FUN experience...I LOVE IT!
-Went to viewing for a church member's mother...hurting people
-Went to Grillin' and Prayin' tonight...a teen ended up going to the ER...ripped open his elbow in a skateboarding accident...OUCH!
-He handled it REALLY well...tough young man!
-Good to hang out! was day one of LeBron James' free agency...I'm nervous!

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