Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Reflections

-We had a great time hanging out with Kelsey's family this weekend...her brother Ed always puts on an AMAZING fireworks show for us...he pours TONS of time into it and it pays off! Probably had 100 people there to watch it...AWESOME!

Sunday afternoon I played tennis with Kelsey's brother's Stu & Ed...good times! Knees are aching today, but it's worth it! After tennis we went on our 3rd Annual Family Bike Parade...we decorate our bikes for the 4th and ride around mom and dad's neighborhood...the kids really get into it!

We went to North Liberty last night for fireworks and they did a nice job too...the kids were sure tired this a.m. They had a make up swim meet at Knollwood Country Club and had to be there by 9:00...Chloe is doing 4H this year with her bunnies, so she had to be there before the meet. Going to be a busy week!

Our neices and nephews are sure growing up quickly! MAN! SLOW DOWN!!

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