Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Remember Part III: Baptism

Pastor Butterfield talked about baptism on Sunday morning and my stomach was in knots. I now know that feeling to be the Spirit of God moving in to think that as an elementary aged kid...GOD was speaking to my heart to obey him!! I KNEW that it was time to step take a stand for publicly say "I BELONG TO HIM!" I went up to Pastor Butterfield at that ol' country Baptist church on Comet Road and said "I want to be baptized." We talked about why and then headed over to 1st Baptist Church of Green later that day because Comet Road didn't have a baptismal. It was a scary because I HATED to go under the water...I did survive...and let the world know...Timothy Blake Boucher has JESUS in charge of his life! Another marker moment that I will never forget!

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