Friday, July 2, 2010

Praising God...not my words!

I posted earlier this week about our family meeting last Saturday...Today I have been going over the notes that the groups wrote...(I had everyone split into 3 groups so everyone could give input.) I have gone over the things they listed that need improvement...things we need to work on. I also went over the things that each group listed that we could praise God for about Grace Community. It was good to review and see what people wrote...We often put a lot of attention on what we need to improve and not enough attention on what GOD is doing through us that is GOOD! are the things that the groups came up with...

Group 1 Response;
-People steppin' up
-Very (Tight) knit family
-amazing soccer camp

Group 2 Responses:
-Outreach: Soccer Camp, Community Hope, Mugging (we take a mug of candy to people who have visited the church for the first time)
-Relationships (family)-->you can count
-Team work
-Praise Team
-The building

Group 3:
-God loves us!
-New people serving in kid's ministries
-relationships that are built between us
-Our own place to meet (building)
-music...people stepping out to lead
-Don cleaning the building on Mondays!
-3 families cleaning the building on weekends
-34 NEW kids in 1 week in Kidzone
-Ericka leading & Wooster Youth helping with soccer camp
-for the people that come and are faithful & you can count on them
-cash offering from Dad Fest from Goshen

VERY COOL to see the similarities in these...Family...Relationships...Serving...Place to meet...Outreach...Great to be thankful...great to remember...THANKS SO MUCH GOD for all that you are doing here!

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