Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tearing me up!

A good friend gave me a book when I was in the hospital called "Leading on Empty." (Thanks Travis!) The book is ripping me up!! Started reading it on vacation...whoa...about half-way through the book and it is DRILLING me...As I have been reading this book I realize that I have always viewed depression as something that happens in people when they are not trusting God. That if they had more faith, they would get through it. But I'm seeing more and more that it is something that happens to all of us in some form or another...something that we all work through. AND the way that we work through it is key...I have and have had some serious times of depression over the past 5 months. I HATE IT! I HATE feeling weak...worthless...like I can't dig myself out of the pit.

BUT THAT IS THE PROBLEM!! Did you see the work "I" typed so many times?!?!?! Working through these times is about "HIM" not "I"! Him being God...what he longs for my and your life! The question then becomes am I willing to work on the things that need changed...some of the things I am already doing...eating better...exercising...there are other things that need to change as well...some I can do RIGHT NOW...some will take days...months...years to change, but the process is worth it. If God gives me 1 year or 60 more years, I pray that I will still be growing and changing...

So what does that mean for today? GREAT QUESTION...Focusing on these is my first priority...allowing them to guide what I do...the decisions I make...

1. Thriving...growing relationship with God
2. Deepening and passionate relationship with Kelsey
3. Enjoying and investing in my relationship with my kids
4. PROACTIVELY caring and protecting my physical/emotional health
5. Seeking out the best ways to influence people's lives toward Jesus
6. Enjoy life and people!

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