Monday, July 5, 2010

More Monday Reflections

Jim continued our study in the book of James. It was a convicting message...I do have to say that it was good to see Jim in a suit!

Highlights from the message:
-Mercy triumphs over judgment
-Favoritism is forbidden!
-Equality should be the goal
-Don't look at yourself better than what you are
-SURROUND yourself with people YOU can benefit
-Be willing to help people who can't help you back
-How can we EVER pay Jesus back?!
-whose cause did you defend this week that wasn't your own
-Do what you do for yourself for others
-Mercy seals it
-Everything you speak will be judged
-Mercy is holding back what someone deserves...not giving them what they deserve
-Mercy triumphs over judgment

Great stuff!

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