Monday, July 26, 2010

Remembering...Part 1: The Beginning

It is good to remember back to markers in your life...things that you look back on and can say..."YES! God came through for me in that...he will do it again!" I started to do that this morning...instead of coming straight to the office, I went for a long walk...ended up on a floating dock by the St. Jo Psalm 119...prayed...prayed...prayed...and remembered. In my longing for a HUNGER (see my post from earlier today) for God, his church and the lost...I thought it was time to look back to move forward...

My first memory came to me quickly..."back in '78" (as my dad would tell it!) I remember the day before my 5th birthday...only I wasn't excited about the gifts I was going to get...I wanted something else. My parents and Sunday School teachers kept talking about this Jesus...that he died for me...that he rose again...that I was a sinner...I did stuff wrong against God...and I needed to have him as my Savior so I could go to heaven. I remember that day like it was yesterday!! I remember grabbing my OLD King James Bible...the one with Jesus on the front and the kids all around him. I grabbed my Bible walked through our living room and found my mom sitting at the kitchen table...I remember telling her that I wanted Jesus in my heart...I wanted him to be my Savior. We prayed and my life was changed FOREVER!! The Holy Spirit of the LIVING God entered my heart in that moment and I was forever changed. WHAT A MOMENT! The best decision I have EVER made in my life...and I did it as a 4 year old...the day before my 5th birthday.

"Thank you Jesus for saving me...ME! Thank you for parents who took me to church to learn about you...for my mom being RIGHT in the RIGHT SPOT when I wanted to ask you to be my Lord. Thanks God! Thanks!"

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