Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What you do is more important...

What you do...what you more important than what you say.

Last week at the Conference Swim Meet, Jaden was diving off the "block" differently than he had all season. He didn't put his hands on the block and then he dove in...almost to the bottom of the pool. It really slowed down his starts...probably cost him a couple of seconds in each race. When I had the chance to ask him about why he was changing his starts he said: "Because I watched Coach do that at practice."


Coach had told him COUNTLESS times how to start a race BUT when coach raced against one of the other swimmers for fun...he didn't put his hands on the block and he dove down to the bottom of the pool. He did not demonstrate what he was telling the swimmers to do. So Jaden figured if that is how coach started off the block, then it must be the fastest way to start! Oops!!

Whoa...this is something for us to think about...we OFTEN give our kids and others advice...direction...BUT they are WATCHING US...learning MORE from what we DO than what we SAY! careful how you are living...make sure it matches up to how you are encouraging others to live!!

(I should mention here...Jaden fixed his start off the block for his final race...won by a full body-length and had a personal best time by shaving 4 seconds off of his time! How we start matters!!)

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