Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This one is for you Grandpa Messner!

When I was a kid, grandpa Messner had heart trouble. I remember that he wasn't supposed to work in the yard and other stuff because of one of his meds would make his blood not clot as fast. One day he came inside with a little smirk on his face...he had gone out to the garden (he didn't tell grandma of course!) and had cut his finger...I remember everyone getting all worked up about it...but when I looked at him, he gave that little smirk that said "It's o.k. worries!" If grandpa was going to live...he still wanted to LIVE!

With that though in mind...I found out today that my anti-clotting meds really do work! I was putting together Jaden's hoop that we got for his birthday...(We are hiding it in our neighbors garage 'cause his bday isn't until Saturday)...Well...I cut my finger! It took FOREVER to clot...bled through 2 band aids!! It wasn't that bad of a cut, but MAN it took a loooooong time to clot...I guess I'll have to start waiting longer for the bleeding to stop...and I may have to give a smirk or two to my kids like grandpa did to us. (OH...I did get the hoop finished BTW!)

AND I guarantee you this...If I'm going to live...I plan to LIVE! God has given me more time here and I plan to use it!

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