Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts:
-It's hard for me to sit for long
-Walked a mile this morning on the treadmill...
-Got my heart rate up to 114...felt good
-Can't believe how tired I still feel
-I have a hard time just sitting!
-People have brought AMAZING food
-GREAT times in the Word...reading through Revelation
-I told a friend a couple of weeks ago that everyone is expendable...everyone can be replaced...of course we should be missed, but the church goes on...I didn't want God to prove that through me so quickly!!
-My family is amazing...I cherish them
-What do people do without having family and friends that care?
-I never want to be back in the hospital and know that I could have helped to prevent it!
-The staff at Memorial was amazing...they genuinely care for their patients
-If Jaden beats me at one more game, I might end up back in the hospital!
-Had a friend bring some "older" movies over for me...Red Dawn...Italian Job...Masters of the Universe (REALLY!)...Mission Impossible and more...haven't seen a whole movie yet
-Missing Jaden's last bball game today...
-Chloe is home "watching" me!
-Chloe made me lunch today...warmed up some venison stew!
-Grateful...every morning...for another day.

Make the most of today!

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Anonymous said...

I will agree with you about anyone can be replaced, but only in there job. Your spirit, love of your work, love of people, and your leadership are loved by all that know you. That my freind can't be replaced. And if a guy wanted too he would take it easy and not push it :) Rusty