Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How do you fit?

Mark Driscoll, a pastor from Seattle, wrote that we could some up everyone who goes to church in a few groups:

Observers: They come...see...leave...they don't get involved and you never really know they're there. Like someone who goes to a movie...they say hi to the usher and bye when they leave.

Consumers: They look a lot like observers...they don't get involved...they just come and go. BUT they LIKE to give their opinion...like to share what needs changed and what THEY want. Me first...my needs...BUT don't contribute ANYTHING to the solution!

Participants: THEY ARE IN! They give their time...energy...money...they are hooked! They serve...are dedicated! THEY are the church!

So where do you fall? Do you just come and go...and never jump in? Do you come and go and complain about things? How you think things should be, but never jump in to help? OR are you IN?

I remember back about 13 years ago...Kelsey and I were deciding which church we would attend. We decided to come up here to South Bend (we lived in Nappanee then) and go to her dad's church. I told her..."Let's not jump in right away...let's give it some time and then jump in after a couple of months." That lasted 1 WEEK! I couldn't help myself! I saw some places where I could contribute and just HAD TO JUMP IN! HAD TOO!

I encourage you...if you come to Grace or you live somewhere else and go somewhere else...JUMP IN! You will be soooooooo glad you did!

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