Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Docs Orders

I was shoked last week when the doctor told me that I would have to take a month off of work. I hadn't cried yet about having a heart attack, but that about made me. I LOVE WHAT I DO! LOVE IT! The thought of "checking out" for a month, because I was forced to...really disheartened me! I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!! (Did I mention that already?!?!) I was expecting a couple of weeks, but not 4+ weeks! What I didn't realize was how long it would take to feel better...yesterday I finally got to get out of the house. I drove (boy did that feel good!) the family to a park...watched the kids play...walked some...shot a couple hoops with Jaden (which got me in trouble with Kels!! I got a call from her from over at the playground..."I can see you over there Tim!")...it was really fun to get out.

When I got home, I was EXHAUSTED!! We weren't gone for 2 hours and I was tired...CRAZY!! It was crazy...didn't feel bad while I was out, but took a 15 minute nap when I got home...I'm OLD!! Looking forward to getting my energy back and I understand why the doc gave the orders now...

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