Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 Hours BABY!

I worked again today! 6 1/2 hours! That makes 10 for the week...AND IT FELT GOOD! GREAT spending time with God as I prepped my message for Sunday...I am looking forward to Sunday morning...God has been doing something in me...to be "officially" back on Sunday and to have it be Easter Sunday...WHOA.

I also had the chance to meet for 2+ hours with Jerimae today...hear his heart of how things are going...how he is doing...Do you know how blessed I am to get to work with him...to work with not just an amazing man of God...not just a guy who is EXTREMELY gifted...who loves this church and what God is doing...BUT more than that...he is a GREAT friend! I cherish that guy more than I can express...and am so thankful that he and Karen, Kaleb, Z-dawg and Maeci moved up here from Indy...J has done a fantastic job while I have been away...quite a lot to jump into...so grateful that he was able to step in and take things.

Good day.

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