Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tough Decisions

I do not envy the South Bend School Board...the group has a HUGE mountain in front of them! THEY HAVE TO CUT $8million off of the budget...YOU GOT IT...$8 million!!!! Picture that for a minute...think about that task..then think about the fact that the WHOLE COMMUNITY WILL BE WATCHING AND OFFERING THEIR INPUT...Tough job!

Here is the deal...often people fight for their cause...fight WITH PASSION to keep this or that program...AND I AM GLAD THEY DO...Hey, I did when I first started teaching in SB...they cut 12.5 music jobs after my first year here, including mine...band and orchestra was going out of the schools...it was a good cause to fight for...the arts are important part of a child's education. There will be many causes to fight for over the next weeks...and I ask our community members to do a few things:

PRAY for the board members...pray for wisdom

TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT...You can disagree...state your thoughts STRONGLY, yet show respect. They are people AND the PUBLIC voted them in! (BTW if you didn't vote, you might want to next time or don't complain!! A little Boucher Soap Box right there!!)

OFFER SOLUTIONS...this is a big one...far too many people are more than willing to fight for their program, but NEVER OFFER A SOLUTION...Can you imagine the job they have in front of them...what would you do? what would you cut? Something has to happen!

FIGHT for the programs you believe are most important...DO IT! It helps the board know what matters the most to the community...helps them make better decisions.!

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