Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On the lighter side...I LOVE our neighborhood!

Our neighbor across the street is selling his house. Jason is an AWESOME neighbor...he is GREAT to have around...hosted our neighborhood Super Bowl party...loves our kids (he took Jaden to a Globetrotters game!)...we've had him over for dinner and have hung out a lot in our neighborhood. (Our 'hood "comes out" about every weekend when it is decent outside for a even have a neighborhood portable TV for ND football...when they're winning!)

Jason is a grad student at Notre Dame and is getting married in April. So, soon he will be moving. STINK! We will miss him!! Well the signs went up at his house today and one of our neighbors showed him how we really feel about it! I LOVE THIS!
That is just AWESOME! I think people will get the point that we want Jason around here for a while!!

I have often said that if we were to move our church out of this city or if your or my family moved...would anyone care? Would they notice? Are we making that kind of impact?! Jason sure has on us!! SO STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOUSE!!


Sam said...

That is awesome!!! And I agree. LSC will contribute whatever is necessary to help the neighbor sabotage any possible move!

Tim Boucher said...

The 2 of us working together...ummmmm....Scary!! BUT fun!

gail said...

i am praying against your attempts to sabotage our new life.
the future mrs. jason.

Tim Boucher said...

We don't want to sabotage your new life...we just want it here!!!! We could only hope...

Seriously have ALL OF OUR prayers and I CAN'T WAIT to see what God does in and through the two of you!!