Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday Morning!

This past Sunday I got to go to church! It was good to be back with everyone...it felt strange to be there and not have any responsibilities...to just come in a little early and leave when things finished. I could never be a person that just goes to church on Sunday gets "fed" and leaves...ARGH! That's what I do at the movies or a concert...that's not church!! VERY THANKFUL that is not my usual experience...I can't wait to get up early in a few weeks and get back at it!

Sunday was good for me...good to see the church working...Colin did a good job leading music...I love this guy's heart...he has a servant's heart...ask and it gets done. I love serving Jesus with him! Good to hear the band as well...I have to say the songs meant more to me than ever before!

Jerimae preached and used video of Jim...a good tag-team approach! He did a FANTASTIC job!! I love his style...his passion...his heart...he loves the church and not just THE church, but THIS church. LOVE serving with J!

The message was on Uncharted Generosity...ummmmm...good stuff! Really challenged me to think through how generous I am...am I willing to give away things that are important to me. I love the phrase: "You can't outgive God!" and "EVERYTHING belongs to God!" Here in the U.S. we don't like the 2nd one...we like to fight that...and to those who want to hold on to their stuff go read and argue with Psalm 24: 1! Good luck!!

Jerimae also challenged us that when we don't give, we don't give money back to God, we are robbing God! How true is that!?!?! Yet, we cry out to him to provide for us...we blame him when we don't receive help, YET we ROB HIM! I imagine there were some uncomfortable and maybe even angry people out there...GOOD! 'Cause as a pastor we will stand before God one day and he will ask us if we taught the Word...and Jerimae, Jim and I all have to answer for that...so it's worth making a few mad down here for the sake of truth! Better making people mad than God!

AND IMAGINE THIS...imagine if EVERYONE who comes to Grace Community Church gave at least 10% of what they make...no matter how much or how little...imagine it...imagine what we could do to impact this community with that money! I'm praying for that...I'm praying AGAINST the statistics that say that only 20% of the people give...I'm praying against the statistics that say that the average giving FOR THE YEAR at churches is $650 PER PERSON! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I'm praying that people will give of their money, their stuff and their time in UNCHARTED GENEROUS WAYS! That 100% of the people at Grace will give at least 10% this year...that God will raise up families that are convinced that God is doing some SERIOUS work in South Bend/Mishawaka area and they decide to give 20%...and I say: WHY NOT?!?! WHY NOT RIGHT HERE! WHY NOT NOW!

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