Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Killing Cockroaches" by Tony Morgan

This has been a very good book...I have a few more pages to go, but have really enjoyed the book...the idea is that too often leaders spend time on killing cockroaches...on tasks that take up way to much time, therefore they don't spend the time on what is most important. Some thoughts from my reading yesterday and today...

-Are we just adding to people's already loaded schedules or is what we are doing in the church making a maximum impact on them and the community
-Christ came to give LIFE...not to drain people and burn them out
-People will put their $ where their heart is. (convicting and sobering!)
-when a cause is big enough people will give their time. (OH, we have seen this!!)
-Mark Batterson was quoted as saying "I need to know less and less about more and more." (He was talking about if the church was to continue growing, he didn't need to be in on everything. I say AMEN to that one! Get capable people around you and let them lead...I was already working on this...NOW I have too!)
-Don't say yes because it is to hard to say no. (OH MAN! CONVICTING!!!!)
-Church can't be EVERYTHING to EVERYONE or they won't accomplish ANYTHING...OK...this one is mine...something that came out of the book. We have to love families to Jesus and be careful that we don't get spread too thin
-Train your assistant to handle all requests for meetings (You have to have an assistant for this to be possible!!)
-Our message has to cut through the noise of people's lives
-While a building program cannot make an unhealthy church healthy, it can equip and inspire healthy churches to become healthier. (We are experiencing this right now!!)

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