Thursday, March 11, 2010

Change up

Woke up this morning feeling pretty tired...fatigued...Every morning so far, I wake up feeling a little better and ready to go...I have been aggressive with my walking. The only guidance I was given from the hospital was "do as much as you feel like you can." OOPS! I told them that probably wasn't great advice to me! So since I've been home I've done A LOT of research on target heart rate after a heart attack...exercise plans and such...I realized this morning that the plan I have in place is probably too aggressive right now. So, I backed off a bit today...still walked, but not at the same pace. I'm still going to walk every day, but going to switch up the pace each allow my body to bounce back better. Figure I'll be learning what I can and cannot do for a while...the goal? Be better than I've been in not have to tell Jaden "Sorry bud...can't play football with you right now." I want to be playing football and basketball with my grandkids...SO, restructuring today, so I don't have to later!

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