Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Reflections

I had my own Sunday service yesterday...I played a few songs on iTunes and then listened to Jim's message on-line that everyone else was seeing that morning. It was a deeply moving time for me...At one point, Kelsey called me and put her phone on speaker so I could hear Jerimae and the band leading...I had tears in my eyes...

Songs I listened to:
New Beginning by Jerimae...he wrote the song for our church and our new beginning at a new location...for me it rings true very personally. I have a new beginning in my life right now...this is a whole new chapter in my life...I'm seeking God's heart for all he wants to teach me.

"Slow Fade" was next...I don't want to slip up as I'm getting restored to health...don't want to slip up personally...but I really got convicted as I listened to this song...realizing that I run to snack foods and junk when the pressure rises...I cried as I realized how I need to I need more self-discipline...self-control in my life. (THEN Jim touches on that in his message too..the Spirit was coming for me!!) VERY convicting...

I was planning to listen to another song, but "I will Rise" came on and I was undone..."Jesus has overcome...the grave is overwhelmed...the victory is won..." OH MY WORD! How true...I still still get to share that amazing message with people, because Jesus didn't call me home...what a honor...a responsibility I have...POWER!

GREAT time experiencing God through song...I would listen and worship through the song and then I'd sit in silence, reflect and write a response...Powerful time...moving time...good to be with my Savior!

More to come...

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