Friday, March 26, 2010

Prayer Works!

I want to thank EVERYONE who has prayed and kept in contact with me over the past month. Your prayers have been felt...and it has been good. Your prayers are the reason I have been able to get through this time...I still have a while to go, but am very grateful for your prayers. We need to realize that prayer is THE lifeline for us. God LONGS to be in communication with us...longs to have us call on his name. To come into his presence and talk to him.

Last night I gave a prayer request for Luke...he has been waking up at night and tears your heart out to hear it. I shared this request last night at Prayer Encounter...a couple of people prayed and then Michele DEMANDED God to was said with a humble heart and with passion...GOD RESPONDED! Last night Luke slept GREAT...very peaceful sleep.

Prayer is so is how we get God's attention with what is most important to will show our heart to him...AND to top that off...he KNOWS what the motivation is behind the words we are saying.

Here are some prayers that I've been praying over the past month:
-For God to restore me better than ever
-For God to work in my life in ways that don't make sense..."Didn't that guy have a heart attack?"
-For God to not just guard my family...but to have us THRIVE on the front lines of ministry...
-That I will NEVER-EVER push them to the back burner because of ministry
-For God to grow HIS CHURCH while I'm "out"
-For God to stir HIS CHURCH to pray...and pray PASSIONATELY
-For God to show us THE BEST ways to connect to our community (Loving families to Jesus and touching EVERY family in St. Jo County with the GOSPEL!!)
-For God to send us leaders...lots of them...from the harvest because we need them to reach every family in St. Jo County!
-For God to show me how to restructure my life...cut out the access junk...things that waste my time
-For self-discipline in eating, exercise, studying the Word, prayer.........
-To be the best man, husband, father and leader the HE desires of me

"God...HELP! I'm weak...I'm broken...I need you more than I ever have...I love you...long for you...want more of you...LONG to see you change me, my family, my church and our community...why not here? Why not now? Why not us? I love you Jesus name...Amen."

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