Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting Stronger

This past week has been very good...for the last 2 weeks every time I had 1 "full" day, I would be in my chair for 2 days. I have put together 3 or 4 "full" days. Of course, a full day is a little different now than a month ago! A full day consists of actually going out of the house...going to at least 2 places...walking close to 2 miles...playing with the kids...not the usual busy schedule. The good part is that I am feeling better...My mind has gotten as fatigued this week and my body is feeling better too!! I can tell I'm feeling better because I'm starting to write with more "!" !!!! I even got to be the mystery reader for Jaden's class today...when they were giving hints as to who the reader was...Jaden said: "It can't be my has to be my dad had a heart attack!" His face just LIT UP when I came in the room! VERY COOL!

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