Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thoughts from Ugly Mugs

I'm sitting here at Mugs...prepping my message for Sunday and taking a break from it for a couple minutes...

Things in my head for Sunday:

-WOW...Jesus did all that...what a payment he made for me
-God PLEASE work on people's hearts so they respond to YOUR message and don't risk eternity away from you
-Thanks for life
-Looking forward to really being back!!
-Jesus did that, yet I complain about so much!
-Revelation ends with "Come..." oh that many would come THROUGHOUT THE WORLD and respond to messages of hope

Other stuff as I take a break:
-I LOVE Ugly Mugs...what a great place to hang out and study
-That bball hoop we got Jaden was PERFECT!
-He made a shot from 20 ft. away!
-CHLOE is exercising like to see her develop!
-I RAN (well...sort-of jogged) across the street 2x's yesterday...and yes Kelsey was standing right there! COMING BACK!
-My heart hurts for people...people who are dealing with deep pain right now
-What will happen when the church CONTINUES to learn how to love each other and the community as Jesus would?
-I think I might pull for Butler to win it all now...not sure after the "sympathy" card I received from a friend who is a Bulter fan...Maybe I just won't tell her!
-Off to lunch with Tim Welling...great friend...

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