Sunday, April 11, 2010

Very good.

The service this morning was planned out...Colin and I had talked earlier in the week...went through the direction we sensed God was taking us...several times while we talked we turned in different directions...we didn't settle for the first "yes" we kept working to make it better. So I felt VERY confident and excited about this Sunday. Looked forward to seeing God move...

THEN...the service began and it was AMAZING! Colin led better than he EVER has...God spoke through him...he shared his heart...Pastor Jim and his family was GREAT to see them too...I hadn't seen Jim for over a month with my health stuff. (BTW...when you asked Jim to come up during announcements and say something BE READY! He turned the questions back on me and asked some GOOD ONES!!)

THEN the message started...THERE I SAT...right in the front like I usually do...READY for the message...CONFIDENT of how the message was going to end...Confident of how we were going to close the service.

THEN Jim started speaking...His first point grabbed me..."Help build a relationship rich life instead of an experience rich life." The Spirit was really prodding my heart..."Tim if the people here don't know me, they will NEVER give their children a relationship rich life." I felt deep conviction that we had to change the end of the service...We don't change things too often, but when the Spirit is prompting and we are prayed up and prepared gotta change! So I prayed..."God, I'll my part, please do yours." (more on that prayer in another post someday!) the end of the service I went up and simply asked people to keep their eyes closed and gave people the opportunity to give their life to establish the MOST IMPORTANT relationship they could ever least 4 people prayed! It was wasn't the plan to give people the opportunity to come to Jesus, BUT it was God's plan!

I've said for a long God's heart and PLAN like crazy...AND if you sense the Spirit telling you to change the plan...DO IT! I'm so glad that we did...

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Jim Brown said...

Way to listen to Jesus Tim, it was a tremendous blessing to be there with you today.