Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Reflections

"The person you are being today is the person you will become tomorrow."

DONE! THAT summed up my struggles for more than a week...I have been working hard at changing myself...patterns...schedules...habits...and it has been unbelievably frustrating the past couple of weeks. THEN Jim said, "The person you are being today is the person you will become tomorrow" in the message yesterday. NAILED IT! If I allow myself to fall back into old habits, then no matter how much I talk about change IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.


If I begin to work through the frustration of life change...if I'm willing to struggle through...then tomorrow will be different...the change will begin to happen!

I remember a few years back Tiger Woods was changing his golf swing...he struggled for a couple of months and people wondered if he would ever return to greatness. (The same questions are being asked now after his personal issues...) He continued to work through the struggle and ignored his critics and got himself right back to where he needed to be...on top.

THAT is how we need to view our see the person God longs for us to be...then BEGIN to make the changes TODAY...then over time...with patience...with perseverance we will live the change.

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