Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Reflections

What a BLAST! Sunday was fun, exciting, HIGH ENERGY, passionate...we ended our parenting series with having children and their parents in the service together. IT WAS GREAT! We had balloons...painting...corn brought in her was very cool. We did fun kids songs...time for quiet...a chance to SING SOME MORE (GREAT JOB MIKE AND NATE!) and then a challenge from the Word.

My favorite part of the service is when we read scripture...instead of having everyone read together we had families read together. It was fun to look around and see parents and their kids reading God's Word to each other! LOVED IT!

I talked about being thankful...we looked at Luke 17: 11-...Jesus heals 10 men with leprosy (or as I called them "leopards!" Oops!!) and only 1...ONLY 1 came back to thank him. Jesus gave these men new life, but they didn't say thank you. Our challenge is to be the most THANKFUL church in this region. That we would be known for how grateful we are. So we put that into practice and had families tell each other what they were thankful for.

It was a very awesome look over the auditorium and see people telling each other why they are thankful!

I did get confronted though...I used an illustration of filling a cup with water...that if we are not thankful people we have just a little water in our cup. BUT if we are thankful our cup will overflow...SOOOOOOO I let water overflow out of the cup and spill all over the floor!! (It really grabbed me on how far the water splashed...if we are THAT will just POUR OUT onto other people!!) SOOOOOO...Don our cleaning guy grabbed the mop and started mopping up! IT WAS GREAT! His grandson though came up to me and said "Why did you make grandpa clean that up...YOU should have done that! It was your mess!" He was protecting his gpa! (for the record, I didn't ask him to clean it! That is just how much of a servant Don is!!)

GREAT morning!

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