Friday, April 9, 2010


Doing some reading in Exodus today and studying the Hebrew word: "Kunl" The word is translated with 108 different words or phrases in the Old Testament. For about 3 or 4 weeks I have been intrigued by the word "direct" in the Bible...seeing how God used that word in His Word.

In Exodus 15 Moses is writing a song...a song about the power of God and how God moved for the Israelites as they left Egypt. AMAZING song! There is a point in verse 17 where he says God will "plant them (the Israelites) on the mountain of your (God's) inheritance" - The Lord's dwelling...the Lord ESTABLISHED (DIRECTED) this spot for them...he ALREADY SET IT in was there for the taking. They just needed to claim it...

It made me think...what does God have established for us...what does he have right there in front of us that he wants us to claim? What does he want us to have to go through the desert to get? Imagine...the Israelites struggling through the desert, and coming in front of them was going to be the mountain that God established ahead of time to be their inheritance! POWERFUL! AMAZING!

More than anything it gives me hope...hope that if I seek God...and plead with him to reveal what HE is doing and what HE wants me to do...he will show me. WHY? Because it is already established...already set and waiting for me...I just have to seek him out!

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