Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some stuff...

-I MISS THIS! Being in the office 1st thing in the morning...something relaxing about it...
-I just love starting my day this way.
-Looking forward to the summer and being able to be here more in the a.m.
-Got a blood test today (one of the reasons I'm off from teaching)
-Doing a funeral here in a bit...(the other reason I'm not teaching)
-I LOVE being there for families during this time...being able to share Jesus' peace with's just good

-My heart aches for those that pass into eternity without just hurts!

-Drove to the office this morning praying for people that passed by me...longing to see them spend eternity with Jesus
-Today is interesting...God spared my life 2 months ago...and now I'm doing a funeral...Life is precious.


-6 salvations and 5 baptisms since I've been back to work...THAT IS VERY COOL!
-Went 3.3 miles 2 days ago in 35 minutes...Kels went 3.5 in 35...yep, she can beat me (RIGHT NOW!)
-Hit my goal of losing 25 comes the real work...keeping it off for the rest of my life!
-Hit a wall yesterday and had to stop is important to listen to your body

-I ALREADY want to say AMEN 100x's to Jim's message this coming Sunday and I haven't even seen it yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It's on our health!)

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