Friday, April 16, 2010

Been down this road before...

I heard today that there is a possibility that my teaching job won't exist next year. They are rearranging the Intermediate Center schedules (5th-8th grade) and it may cut me out. We'll see...This is always the interesting part to me...parents and teachers fight and fight to save programs and to not consolidate schools...but the result is eliminating teachers and staff. I have said for a long time...we complain that our taxes are too high, so they get cut...THEN we complain that our schools have to make cuts...seems to be a never-ending cycle!

As for me...been here before...If my job is cut it will be the 3rd time in 6 years of teaching in South Bend that I have been laid off. (The trouble is...when you stop teaching in the school corporation, they start your senority years IN South Bend I am listed as 0 years in SB...9 other years.) Funny thing is...THIS is where I sense God wants me. SO...if he wants us in South Bend he will provide a job again. My first year I got hired 7 days before school and placed the day before school started. Then I got laid off after 12 1/2 music teacing positions were cut...That year I started to apply to other schools, but stopped the process after realizing that God wanted me he would come through. He did...he just waiting until the summer was over!! THEN...I got laid off again after that year. ONLY...I ended up at one of the best schools in South Bend after that!

So does it get tiring...yes. Am I confident that God will come through...yes. Do I believe that he has a plan in this...absolutely. Would I like to know what it is today...SURE!

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