Monday, April 19, 2010

I get to run!

A battle has been happening at the Boucher house. For a little more than a week, Kels and I have been "discussing" my exercise plan. ("Discussing" sounds sooooo good doesn't it!) Being a good doctor like myself, I gave myself the "all clear" last week to run. It had been 6 weeks since my heart attack and it takes the heart 6 weeks to heal. SO IT WAS TIME! Kels kept telling me though..."you may be adding to much stress to your heart, you need to confirm this with the doctor!"

I have been feeling good with my "running" or actually slow jogging...BUT I figured there was wisdom in calling to confirm. (You like that don't you..."I figured"...That is a guys' way of admitting that his wife was right...) Talked to the nurse today and she said that my exercise plan sounded good!! YES! She also said she would double check that and call if she was wrong. I've decided to turn off my cell phone for rest of the day and delete all voicemail!! (Kidding!!!! No really...I'm kidding!!)

No calls yet...SO...I'm cleared to RUN! Or at least slightly jog...

5K here I COME!

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