Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tough Day

Imagine yourself right now being a follower of Jesus the day after he heard him teach...saw his miracles...but now you have questions. HE IS DEAD?!?! How do you handle this? What would you have done? Would your faith be rattled? Shaken? Doubt had to begin to crowd into their would have been a TOUGH DAY...yesterday, watching him die would have been painful. Today would be when the doubts came on you...

How do you respond when God hasn't answered your prayers the way you want? When you have begged him to move and he hasn't come least not yet? Does doubt about his power come on you? Do you doubt that he will answer? When these times come on you go back to those first Christians, the first Christ followers...and remember HE DID RESPOND! He did come through!! Trust him...continue to pray to him...continue to ask...AND BELIEVE! The God who raised Jesus from the dead is STILL ALIVE and working TODAY!

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