Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Reflections

So good to be back yesterday! Great celebration of Jesus' resurrection!! We had testimonies during the service...never done that on Easter...some powerful things were shared! Amazing to see how God is working in people's lives and WHAT BETTER day to talk about that!! I have not been so impacted by a message like this one. We talked about our payment options for eternity...talked about how life is a mist...we are only here for a moment...a brief moment in time. That at ANY TIME we could die...and what then? Will we have chosen the best payment option for our sin?

Many "seeds" were planted in people's hearts on Sunday...we didn't have anyone come to Jesus, but we did our part! We gave the message and gave people the opportunity and time to respond. My heart aches for those who left on Sunday who haven't put Jesus in charge of their lives yet...I spent time this morning sitting on stage...praying for them...begging God to open their eyes before it's to late. This is something that bothers me after any invitation we give...who are the people that hear this message, yet don't come to Jesus...I pray that they do before it is to late.

Our Egg Dash went very well too...a GREAT time with the kids!! OUTSTANDING JOB to all of our people who made that happen!!

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