Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Reflections

We closed out the Upwards hoop season on Saturday with the closing ceremony...I was quite impressed with Trinity Church's new lighting in their gym...really makes the place feel like an auditorium...very nice! The director shared a story from the funeral he attended the day before...a funeral for a 30 yr. old young woman...She loved Jesus so the funeral was a celebration he said...that is still so young to be gone from here...But the CHALLENGE he gave was moving...bottom line...we really don't know how many more days we will get here...have we chosen to follow Jesus AND are we making the most of our life. Whoa...deep and powerful!

Then Sunday morning comes and we finish our "I am Legacy" message series...We all long to hear the words "Well Done!" from our Savior...from God...are we living in a way to hear those words? How are we investing our lives? How are we influencing others closer to Jesus? Hopefully we are influencing others close to him!

The bottom line is...we have to...HAVE TO...HAVE things with love! Toooooo often we do the right thing to check another thing off our list...but we must work to do it out of love for God and other people...YEP...even those that are hard to love! AND YEP...that isn't always easy!

We finished off our morning yesterday with our first Chili Cookoff...I said I wouldn't eat much Chili because I'm a spicy-food wimp...BUT I did anyway and am paying for it today! BUT it was worth it...some REALLY good Chili! It was a really fun afternoon...there were people still hanging out 2+ hours AFTER service was over! Good times!

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