Sunday, March 20, 2011

I was under attack!!

This morning I was preaching on the direction of our church...the title of my sermon was "Take Aim!" During our announcement time (and without my knowledge!!) A guy (I will not give them the gratification of having their names in print!! :)...he yells from the back of the auditorium "Hey Tim...what is the title of your message this morning?!" THEN 4 or 5 guys pop up around the auditorium and "Take aim" on me with Nerf guns! IT WAS SOOO FUNNY...and a GREAT way to start our service!! I had no idea they were planning this!! (I should mention here that some of them are AWFUL marksmen!!) Then...when it was about done...Colin comes from behind me on stage and gets me from close range! UNBELIEVABLE...our worship leader shoots me from behind...

Paybacks are sweet boys...PAYBACKS ARE SWEET BOYS!!!!

OH...I should mention that I did get hit by one "bullet" from the BACK balcony area...NOW THAT is a Nerf gun!!! LONG RANGE!!

Welcome to Grace Community...where you just NEVER KNOW what is going to happen...

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