Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've Waited...

"Back in the day" we used to sing a song over and over and over again called "I've Waited on the Lord on high...I've waited and he heard my cry." For the past year that was my song...waiting...waiting and often not really patiently waiting for God to move in me...to restore my love and passion for him...his church and people that need him. Slowly...often VERY SLOWLY...he has done it!

We all go through dark times...the trouble for me was when I was out of the dark time of my life I expected to jump RIGHT TO spring and summer seasons! But (as this winter proves over and over this year!) the winter season is a process...but when it is finally over beautiful things happen. I really sense that right now in my life...Spring has just sprung...Even though I'm VERY tired from our new little girl...there is just so much growth happening...I like it!!

One of the last to things to jump into the Spring season of life for me was a passion to lead...I LOVE to meet with people...to hear the their story...what God is doing in their life...to encourage them on that journey...to walk through struggles and victories with people...AND I LOVE casting a picture of what God longs to do through people and his church...BUT for a long time that has been dried up in me...it has felt like a long winter season!

BUT...over the past couple of months something has been happening in me...a restored vision and passion for what God is and wants to do through me and HIS church...and frankly...it feels REALLY-REALLY GOOD! I CAN'T WAIT to go to work...Instead of longing for a day off...I can't wait to dive in...can't WAIT to meet with people...Can't wait to see what God is up to next...It feels soooooooo good to be in the Spring time of life...so good!

It is a pretty good bday present!!

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