Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Check the mirror first!

I wish that I had $100 for every time my students ask me why? Why do we have to do this assignment? Why do I have to write this paper? Why did you GIVE me THAT grade? WHY do I have to have a detention? Why...why...why???? As many of you know...when someone asks me a question, I simply LOVE to send it back at them..."What do you think?" or "Why do you think you EARNED that grade?" AT TIMES it is in that moment that they realize or become honest with themselves and admit what got them the grade or consequence... It is sooooooo easy to see this in my students and my often do adults do the same thing...we blame our boss...or better yet...GOD for the situation that WE put ourselves in! We blame him and wonder why he won't change our circumstances...YET the choices we are making are helping to create our circumstances. What would happen if we decided to look in the mirror take responsibility for our actions...if we do that...I bet we would end up BEGGING GOD for forgiveness...and it is then...within our repentance that changes will start to happen...that we will begin to see breakthrough... Let's stop blaming others and God for our circumstances...rather...let's take responsibility for our his forgiveness where needed and then take the matter how difficult that will result in real life change!

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