Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Reflections

A year ago I spent the first Sunday in March in my chair at home...created my own service...I had had a rough week and had the morning off...I remember listening to "I Will Rise" and being deeply moved...that although my world was suddenly my Savior rose from the grave...I would rise up out of the circumstances I was in...

I have had that same feeling...same sense in our church...that God is up to something...the past 6 weeks have been some of the VERY BEST at Grace...AND THEN there was the first Sunday in March 2011...TODAY...WOW! God is doing some incredible things at our the people. It is sooooooooooo good to be involved in it!

Today started ROUGH...I couldn't find my out late...but there was NO WAY that was going to stop me from bringing my best! I had spent Saturday night praying...listening to some music and reviewing my message and holding my little girl...AND I was preaching on Legacy...and BEING YOU! I was letting Satan win that easily...

When I got to church...right before the worship team practiced...I was up in the sound booth giving them my Powerpoint...Jerimae started to talk about what God was doing in his life...JUST MOVING! POWERFUL! People started coming for the service and we had several visitors to watch people talking and interacting...there is a REALLY REALLY good spirit at church...

WE celebrated Jamie today...he has been drummin' with us since about the beginning...God is moving him to a different ministry and we had the chance to pray for him...he has been SUCH a huge encouragement and servant here!

WORSHIP WAS AWESOME! I realized that we pray A LOT during our services...I really like that...Think about it...if we are going to worship God...we should spend significant time talking to him!

Then Anita kicked off the message with a video and sharing about the youth doing a 40 Hour Famine to raise money for food for starving children. She IS the message I preached today...she is ALREADY living it! PERFECT way to kick things off!!

Our message today focused on LIVING as God has wired YOU to live...not how others think you should live or how YOU THINK others want you to live...God has uniquely wired you...crafted you a unique set of talents, spiritual gifts and abilities...STOP WAITING and go live!

Ended the message talking about that day...when all of us will be sitting on the Judgment Seat of Christ...those that have made Jesus Lord will be the only ones there...and it will be there where how we lived is judged...good and bad! DON'T HAVE ANY REGRETS when you get there! LIVE TODAY...find that one thing that you can do great for God...and do it...

The cool part of this message is that I can list examples of people in our church, like Anita, who are living this out!

The excitement of what God is doing is GROWING at Grace..."Thanks God for allowing me to be involved in it!!"

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