Friday, March 18, 2011

Priceless Bday gifts!

I LOVE my kids...and it is always so cool how the simple things make a HUGE difference...Chloe, Jaden and Luke each made me bday cards...they are sooooo very unique and just touched me. Then Luke made me another card and put $1.12 in it! It was sooo cute...he went to his bank and gave me $...And drew a picture of a big storm and a tornado! Quite the interesting bday card I must say!

In the morning, Jaden made me close my eyes...he led me to the garage...I was expecting something that he built or a stick...some sort of contraption! When he told me to open my eyes...I looked up and he had straightened the WHOLE garage! AND IT WAS A MESS BEFORE...HOW cool was that!!?? It really looked good and organized...VERY COOL!

It reminded me again that OFTEN it is the SIMPLE gifts...the ones from our own hands...the ones where we invested part of US in it that make the most impact.

I'll never forget those gifts...the time that Chloe took to make a sign and then a card for me...Luke's card with $$ in it and then Jaden-using up HIS play time to help me and clean up the garage...PRICELESS!

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