Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trust...hard to build...EASY to destroy!

I have been thinking a lot about trust...both the building of trust and the destroying trust...It started with Coach Tressell and his issues at Ohio State...not telling the truth...and trust...a career based on integrity has been brought into question...I have had MANY talks with husbands and wives...where trust was there, but through choices was destroyed...children with their parents...workers with their bosses...students with their teachers...workers with their bosses...and on and is soooooo hard to build trust and it just takes a few moments to destroy it all!

I also believe that trust can be rebuilt...that relationships can be restored...and sometimes even made better than before. A poor decision or MANY poor decisions doesn't have to ruin a may ruin a season of life...maybe even a LONG season of life...but IT DOESN'T HAVE TO DEFINE who you are, who you will be or what your legacy will be.

Live is a way that allows you to build AND KEEP that trust...make choices today...maybe in this VERY MINUTE that allow you to build trust with others. AND make sure you are doing it when no one is watching you too!

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Lloyd said...

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