Monday, March 14, 2011

Past vs. Present


This week is going to be a TOUGH one! My hometown teams are in the NCAA tourney and they are playing each other! Zippy from Akron U. takes on the Mighty Leprechaun from Notre Dame!!!! (I know...the Zips Mascot is a Kangaroo!! Really!?!?!?!)
I grew up in Akron...I remember watching Bobby Huggins throwing off his suit jacket on the Zips sidelines...NOW...I live a few minutes from ND and our church is walking distance away!! People park in our parking lot for Irish football...So...a decision has to be made...deny the original hometown or my current one...

GO IRISH!! I have to go with the Irish on this one! The Irish are my #2 team after the sorry Zippy...the Irish are going to SHOOT ALL OVER YOU!
As for the rest of the tourney...I have long said that I'm a Buckeye fan, but as long as the Irish and Bucks don't play...I pull for the Irish...SO GO IRISH...right up to the final game and LOSE TO THE BUCKS by 1!!!!

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