Monday, March 28, 2011

A little Competition...or is it!

We are doing a little "friendly" competition between the guys and girls at the church...whoever brings in the most eggs for our Egg Dash on Easter gets to have dinner made and served by the other...WELL...the ladies were in the lead...well...a SIGNIFICANT lead after Sunday morning...

THEN I GET A PHONE CALL today...a lady wants to "drop something by the office..." When she shows up...she has 1000 EGGS (That is the 5 boxes on top of the women's box...which was ALREADY full!!) This is quickly becoming a LANDSIDE advantage for the ladies...GUYS...we have some SERIOUS WORK TO DO!!

The good news is we are well over half-way to our goal of 5000 eggs...maybe we will end up with 10,000 eggs by the time this is over!!!!

Time to step up men!!

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