Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Reflections from the weekend....

Random things from the past weekend...

-NCAA Tourney...I went from best to last...THANKS NOTRE DAME!
-The Buckeyes are ALIVE AND WELL!
-Luke told me on Saturday "I want to die, dad." I was about to respond with "No you don't!!" Then I stopped and asked..."Why?!" Luke: "Because then I get to see Jesus." Love that little man!
-Finished off one of my most challenging weeks of teaching EVER...Glad I'm in a building with some AMAZING principals and staff!
-Sadie best be up to her birth weight...the Bouchers' need some sleep!
-Kelsey is sooooo amazing...the things she accomplishes in one day...I long for her efficiency!
-Hide 'n Go Seek Tag in the yard...with the kids and neighbor kids...I JUST LOVE IT!
-Bought some exercise equipment...after 3 free treadmills...I used my bday $$ and bought some other equipment...NOW to rearrange the basement!!
-Why, oh WHY can't Notre Dame go deeper in the tourney (sorry...I just can't get it out of my mind!)
-Sunday morning...GREAT morning...got ambushed and then had a FANTASTIC service!
-Jaden got to play the Wii during our service...he was my "expert" on hitting a target...he was SOOOOOO excited to help me!!
-I think I drove 10,000 miles on Sunday afternoon...too many places to go!
-Ended Sunday with a GREAT couples group...talking about sex!
-We were all challenged to make sure we talk with our kids about the GOOD of sex...how simply AMAZING it can be if you keep it in marriage...and it can simply be amazing!
-OK...so actually ended my Sunday with my tourney bracket being BLOWN UP by Notre Dame! (yes there is a theme here!!) The Bucks are my only hope!!

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