Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jaden Blake Boucher

Jaden turns 8 today...Many parents have said over the years "to enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast!" That is soooo true! I feel that the last 8 years have just blown by...He is growing up and I am soooo proud of him! Friday was Report Card day!! Nice way to jump into the weekend, eh!? It could have been a long weekend for him...only he is doing an outstanding job...He really does his best on projects...actually I think he has done more projects and presentations already in school than I had to do in all my years in school! He is reading at a high level...very sharp in math...(you bet I'm's his birthday!!) Here is the thing though...I love that he is doing so well...that he is excelling at school...But I am the most proud of him for his attitude...he continues to come home with "O's" for outstanding behavior on his report card. His teacher tells us that he is a leader in the room and will do the right thing even when others aren't...THAT is what we are looking for! For him to be a leader in his do the right thing and lead others to do the same... 8 years ago I started to pray for him...for the boy...young man and man that he would become. I PRAISE GOD for who he is today and PRAY like crazy for him in the years to come...that he will continue to allow God to shape his life...That Kelsey and I would have wisdom on how best to raise him...that he will find a woman of God to marry...that he will follow Jesus for life! Hey Jaden..."I love you big man and am sooooo proud of the boy that you are! I look forward to continue to watch you grow up and getting to be part of your life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

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