Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lessons learned from Kickball!

Since it is ISTEP week (Indiana's standardized test)...I took my choir class into the gym to challenge them in California is a REALLY fun game and you get to RUN A LOT! I love to play with my classes...they realize that Mr. Boucher can do more than teach music!!

ANYWAY...our team went into the last inning with a slight lead...those choir kids can play! But then something happened...there was a call that some of our team didn't like...only instead of "asking" about it after the play, they started to argue the call DURING THE PLAY! This allowed for 15 runs to score. YES 15 runs...see in Cali Kickball...1/2 of the team runs on each kick and you don't stop running! (YEP...I've scored more than once on 1 kick! IT IS FUN!!) We ended up losing the game...of course I JUMPED AT the teachable moment there...The bottom line is...a close game ended in a blowout...NOT because of the bad call (if it was really even a bad call!) BUT because our team lost their composure!

HOW OFTEN does this happen in life?!?!?! Something happens to us that we don't like...maybe it was even unjust...BUT we respond sooooo poorly that we miss opportunity after opportunity...they just run right by us! We have to GET OUR HEADS above the mess...keep an ETERNAL perspective, so we don't let something even worse happen because of our response or lack of response!

OH...the things we can learn from a little game of kickball!!

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