Friday, June 25, 2010

What if...

-Jesus returned I ready?
-We never thank God for the AMAZING things he has done in us?
-We never evaluate ourselves?
-We don't deal with problems?
-Persecution came to the American Church...would Grace Community be ready?
-EVERY PERSON at Grace said "I'm in" with their actions & $$?
-We touched EVERY SINGLE PERSON in St. Jo County with the love of Jesus?
-Screwed up...spiritually dead...people came to Jesus?
-500 people came through the doors THIS SUNDAY?
-The leaders in our community gave their lives to Jesus?
-We stopped doing ministry to honor God and did it to grow a church?
-Grace backed the moving truck and headed out of South Bend...would anyone notice?
-We didn't share Jesus with as many children as we possible can?
-We don't care for orphans and widows?
-We ignore single moms?
-We reach men for Jesus? What would happen to our church...our community?
-Jesus were to come back today...would we be ready to see him?

Just some questions running around in my head this morning!

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