Monday, June 21, 2010

Favorite Moment

Yesterday morning we had our first ever combined service at was Father's Day and we did things differently...the service was outside...we had competitions for dads...gave away a motorcycle...had a PASSIONATE service and a message that BROUGHT the gospel! It was fun...inspiring...felt like a festival.

MY FAVORITE MOMENT came at the end of Jim's message...I was standing in the back and started praying...praying for God to open people's eyes and hearts to him...that they would fight through their doubt. THEN I looked to my right and there was Rex...he was standing at the back...hands raised...praying just as I was! THEN I looked again to my right...there was another lady...hands raised...PRAYING as well that God would open hearts...I know that there were others doing it too...IT WAS A POWERFUL MOMENT! Because we were providing a prayer shield around the people...AWESOME!

THEN...Jim challenged people to come to the front if they just gave their lives to Christ and all around the field they stood and went forward...the best was seeing the people come all the way from the back and work their way to the front...MEN were stepping forward...COUPLES were walking hand in hand...AWESOME!

Jim obeyed God and gave the gospel...we prayed and covered the people with prayer...GOD MOVED and changed hearts...people RESPONDED to God working in them! YES!

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lbrown469 said...

Tim, i habe to tell you, one of the most powerful moments for me at Dads fest, was when Jim said; this is what Heaven is going to be like! All the people in that field love Jesus, and want to see Jesus!! It was one of the most AMAZING services I have ever experienced!!
And it was really great that a police officer won the bike!! They are some of the hardest working people!!