Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Reflections

I had this question asked of me last week: "What if there aren't as many people come as you think are coming?" (Talking about Sunday morning) The answer is we prep for what we believe God may do...if we don't prepare then we will either be under prepared OR never see God do more than we could imagine. So that is what we did for the the Sunday after camp...we prepped like A LOT of people were going to come...We had Kidzone outside...we set up about every chair we had...and then God moved...and they came!

Sunday was high energy! We celebrated what God did through soccer camp...the kids...the volunteers...the salvations...the weather!...the fun...We had the kids come up on stage to the "Olympic Fanfare"...everyone gave them a standing ovation! Then we watched a video recap of was really fun!

The service was electric...we had 68 people in Kidzone alone!!!! Kelsey was leading and did AMAZING!...broke our attendance record from our launch by 50+ people...

Pastor Jim was speaking on temptation from James 1...POWERFUL!

BUT THEN IT HAPPENED! (For the 2nd week in a row I might add!)

The DVD stopped with about 10-15 minutes left in the message...there was NO STINKIN' WAY that was going to stop us from having an AMAZING finish to our service! I grabbed a mic...jumped on stage (and prayed "LORD HELP!!) then finished the message...AND OH DID HE HELP!!!! IT WAS A MOVEMENT OF GOD!! HONESTLY...I completed the message and then gave a salvation opportunity to least 6 hands were raised giving their lives to Jesus! I wasn't going to originally finish the service that way...the Spirit moved and changed lives! VERY COOL!

God took our technology mess-up and turned it into changed lives...THANK YOU GOD! Sometimes we take ourselves and our plans to seriously and he just has to show us who is really in charge! Great morning...

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